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Is OneNightFriend A Worthwhile Hookup Site: An Honest Review

Is OneNightFriend A Worthwhile Hookup Site: An Honest Review
About Site
Active Audience 82%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 67 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free and quick registration
  • Suitable for sugar babies and sugar daddies
  • Has a Satisfaction policy
  • Great for casual sex and relationships
  • For any ages above 18
  • Free flirts
  • You can get some perks and features if you fill your profile
  • Limited access for free users
  • Imbalanced gender ratio with 75% men and only 25% women
  • You can find some fake profiles
  • There is no online customer support

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Introducing the service

Introducing the service

OneNightFriend is a cutting-edge international hookup site for sugar babies and sugar daddies, that are searching for something beyond a “conventional” relationship. It’s worth noting that defining a perfect relationship is not an objective of this review because every consensual connection between two adults cannot be estimated by contemporary societal norms. That is why OneNightFriend shows that a financially profitable relationship can be safe and successful.

Let’s be direct: people at OneNightFriend are not looking for love. But is it necessarily a bad thing? OneNightFriend singles still make each other happy, chatting online and meeting in real life. Men and women have different purposes here, from seeking financial help to exchanging it for casual relationships or sex. The best thing about this site is that a sugar baby/sugar daddy status doesn’t depend on your gender. Sometimes, you can come across male sugar babies and cougars. This website presents a diverse representation of sexes, nationalities, jobs, professions, and backgrounds.

The key objective here is being useful. For instance, sugar babies give out their love, time, and emotional support while sugar daddies provide financial and informational help. People equally exchange their existing resources; that is why there is no discrimination on this site. Sugar babies do not get bullied for needing material support while older singles are not criticized for wanting a younger partner.

OneNightFriend Dating Pool Analyzed

OneNightFriend Dating Pool Analyzed

Although there is no precise information about the OneNightFriend dating pool because it is still a rather niche site, the number of members is almost 1 million people. It is worth noting that this website originally was targeted at usual dating, but with years, more sugar babies and sugar daddies have been joining this service, creating a niche community inside a regular dating site.

What Is The Sugar Daddies/Babes Ratio?

Speaking from user experience, the majority of singles on this website are women, both those who are looking for a casual relationship, and ladies from the sugar baby industry. There are many active single women either looking for one-night stands and casual sex, or those who do so for monetary exchange. The difference in ratio between single men and women is rather high, approximately 75/25%, with men making the majority.

Age, Location, and Nationality Of Sugar Daddies

When it comes to sugar daddies’ age, these are men in their 40s-50s, but the age group is not wholly represented because most men remain anonymous. If we’re talking about the age gap, male representatives are usually 20 years older than their female counterparts.

According to the database, most clients of the OneNightFriend dating site are Americans or Canadians, but you can easily find people from all over the world. When it comes to ethnic structure, most males are Caucasian, while there are still a lot of African-American sugar daddies that want to find their perfect partner.

Age, Location, and Nationality Of Sugar Babies

If we are talking about sugar babies, these are mostly females in their early twenties to thirties, although being a sugar baby is not assigned either to a specific gender or a certain age. Sometimes even younger men want to become sugar babies in a heterosexual relationship with an older woman (a cougar) or a gay relationship with an older man.

When it comes to their nationality, sugar babies are people from North or South America, Canada, or Eastern Europe. In fact, these members are prevalent in any part of the world, but usually offer services to American men.

Finally, sugar babies are mostly Americans, as well as Latinas and Caucasian Eastern Europeans.

Is OneNightFriend user-friendly?

OneNightFriend Dating Pool Analyzed

Let’s talk about OneNightFriend design because this important detail is often overlooked, though it always determines your impression of a certain website. The service has a yellow and black logo with what looks like a key to a love hotel, making the site’s objective more than clear. When it comes to the website itself, it has a dandy black background with dimmed tons which suggests that the atmosphere here is rather toned-down, lounge, and sexually suggestive. The pictures are high-quality and make an impression of an expensive dating site. The menu bar works neatly and is rather sophisticated, inviting, and lux. You can tell that many people worked on the site’s creation and invested their time to make it look impeccable.

OneNightFriend has simple and user-friendly navigation that doesn’t make you hate your existence when browsing. All you need is neatly placed in one black panel on the upper part of the screen. The white menu represents such panels as Gallery, Home, Search, and the Upgrade feature.

The main page has a Notification center where users get their incoming chats, as well as notifications of likes and other interactions. There is also customer service available in case you have questions or suggestions.

What Unique Features Are There?

What Unique Features Are There?

Every reputable site should obtain several unique features that make a service stand out. With OneNightFriend, you have plenty. Like most hookup sites, clients have a quick search button allowing them to find a match instantly. However, dating experts suggest not to rush applying all filters because one might risk missing a very curious find. The thing is, many sugar babies and sugar daddies go anonymously here, so as awesome as quick filters are, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of manual search.

One important feature you will need is called “Add to Favorites”, and it’s self-explanatory. Once you add the profile to this list, coming back to it will be easier.

Another more important feature is called a flirtcast. These are essential icebreakers you can use endlessly to call a user to action.

The last but not least feature is called “Like Gallery” where you can like users’ photos and go back to them later on. Every user photo you’ve liked about the display in a special menu.

OneNightFriend: How To Register And Create A Profile?

OneNightFriend: How To Register And Create A Profile?

To register at OneNightFriend, you do not need much. The info you have to provide includes your age, gender, sexual preference, and that’s it.

Another important step would be providing the website with your email and a password. If you care about anonymity and like using sugar babies dating sites, the best way to preserve it would be to keep one email for the hookup sites only. Complete the signup process by agreeing with the terms and conditions. When it comes to creating a profile, you can upload as many photos as you want or abstain from having any. Filling in the profile with personal information is up to you as well.

Sugar Daddy Profile Quality

Sugar Daddy profiles usually lack important details and these are the least informative profiles to go through. The only thing you get for sure is location, a fake username, and approximate age. Sugar daddies never fill in their profiles for obvious reasons: having a double life and a wife, not wanting to leak their identity to avoid workplace troubles, etc.

Sugar Baby Profile Quality

Women don’t have to go through verification either, so getting on the website is equally easy.

Sugar babies usually upload many high-quality photos with lots of selfies and body pics. They also care about filling in the page with info, making it easy to know about age, occupation, and goals. Some women would openly state their services and conditions, and something they search for in a man.

How Much Does The OneNightFriend Membership Cost?

How Much Does The OneNightFriend Membership Cost?

OneNightFriend is a free service, combining free and paid features. There are four paid features on the website, including three trial days for only $1. A month with OneNightFriend costs $41.78; three months of use are $30.97/month and half a year costs $25.93/month. Sugar babies and sugar daddies have to pay for services equally.

Available Free Features

As a free member, you can still do plenty of stuff as a sugar baby or a sugar daddy. Both SB and SD can search each other with the help of quick tools, look at the profiles, view the gallery and leave likes, and send up to five free messages daily, including photos. The best thing is, they can send flirtcasts. This feature is unlimited.

Available Paid features

As a premium user, you can message people, see their messages, use instant chats, use full search results, see other members’ photos in high resolution, and share these media to the video chat. The paid features are similar for sugar babies and sugar daddies.

Contacting Members

Initiating contact is equally easy for SD and SB. All they have to do is find a decent match, like their photo or send a flirtcast, message or text them, and enjoy a conversation.

Looking Through Options

You can browse for SB or SD by using a smart filter or see other members directly from the gallery. Using smart filters as a paid member can greatly facilitate the process.

The Matching Game

The matching process is rather easy because once a user sees someone’s like or flirtcast in the Notification panel, they can go to a certain user’s page and decide whether they are a potential match or a flop.

Texting And Messging Members

Messaging is only available for paid SD and SB. All you have to do as a paid member is find an interesting person, go to their profile from the gallery and click on the Message or Text button, send the message, and wait for the reply.

Is OneNightFriend A Safe And Private Space?

Is OneNightFriend A Safe And Private Space?

When it comes to privacy, most users are safe because, unless you are a paid member, you can see photos only blurred. You also cannot judge much from the profile alone because the messaging feature is not free. These conditions make being an OneNightFriend a secluded space because site outsiders and casual visitors cannot get into peoples’ business. On the downside, the site has no verification.

Does The Site Has Moderation and Support?

Moderators of OneNightFriend are quick to delete bots and rude members while customer support can answer all the important questions. You can contact the support by texting [email protected].

Are There Any Bots and Scams?

The site has a fair share of spambots and scammers, but this situation is frequent among most adult sites. Both sugar babies and sugar daddies should watch out for sketchy suggestions and copy-pasted messages.

So Is OneNightFriend Worth It?

OneNightFriend is a decent hookup site for sugar babies and sugar daddies. It is equally beneficial for both parties, has an average price point, enough basic and paid features, and lots of beautiful men and women available for communication at all times.

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