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BeNaughty: Pros and Cons

BeNaughty: Pros and Cons
About Site
Active Audience 71%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 25-50
Profiles 75 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 6.2
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Some features are free and purchasing a paid subscription is optional.
  • Communication features are completely free for women.
  • Free trial for people who don't find what they want after 3 months.
  • Large selection of naughty singles.
  • Advanced search based on the biography and personality of the user.
  • Paid functionality is desirable, although not required. So, for example, photos in another user's albums are blurred before purchasing a subscription.
  • Full profile information is provided to paid users.
  • The free version is only available for android users, and women can use the site for free, but men have to pay.

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BeNaughty is not quite the dating site many people consider familiar. This site will not help you find a long-term and serious relationship, but it will help you spend a pleasant time with your partner. The name of the site speaks for itself – here you will be offered to find a partner for a pleasant and adult fun pastime.

If this is interesting to you, then we will further describe the concept of the site in more detail, talk about its advantages and disadvantages.

BeNaughty: Audience Analysis

BeNaughty: Audience Analysis

Speaking about site users, it is worth noting that the conversational skills of the majority of users are at a high level, as well as the quality of the users. This means that you will be able to meet a variety of profiles and people who are hiding behind them. There are many users with a lot of photos, without unnecessary information, etc. User preferences vary, but in general, many people choose to chat, as it is the most convenient and comfortable platform for communication for many people. It also has a video chat feature for people for whom chat is no longer enough. As you can see, there is nothing surprising here: everything is the same as in all dating chats.

Sugar Daddy/Baby Ratio

In fact, most of the site’s users are Sugar Daddy looking for girls for fun. For this reason, paid content is mostly for Sugar Daddy only. If you are a Sugar Baby who wants to find a Sugar Daddy, then this site is definitely for you, because you do not need to buy paid content to use the site.

Sugar Daddies Age, Geographical and Ethnic structure

Usually, Sugar Daddy ages range from 30 to 40, as usually at this age people achieve significant success and can afford such entertainment. However, there are exceptions here as well. You can meet both young Sugar Daddy and those who are over 60. As for the ethnic group, it is not so simple here. There are people of all nationalities: Arabs, Slavs, Turks, and others. You can choose whichever is more to your liking.

Sugar Babies Age, Geographical and Ethnic structure

The average age is around 25-35 years old. That is, slightly different from the average age of Sugar Daddy. However, as in the first case, you can meet Sugar Baby of almost any age. Ethnic origin is also impossible to pinpoint, and there is no need to do so. You can find anyone of any background, and that’s a major plus.

BeNaughty: Website Usability

BeNaughty: Website Usability

In general, when you visit the site, the first thing you will understand is that the interface is intuitive. Navigating through the sections will not cause you any difficulties. By the way, advertising and posting of erotic materials are prohibited here, which makes BeNaughty free of this kind of unpleasant content.

What should you know before using the site? As we said, free accounts are limited in their options. This is not critical, because you can continue to scroll through the profiles and enjoy them. However, it should be said that the functionality of free accounts is a bit limited. However, this will not prevent you from using filters in order to find the right partner. Those who have a paid subscription to the site have more privileges since free access usually means getting to know the site and its functionality.

Special Features

The first and most important function of the site is search, which will help you find the right partner. You don’t need to have a paid account to use it. At the top of the page, you can open a special toolbar to sort the questionnaires by relevance. For example, you can sort all users by criteria such as age, interests, location, gender, etc.

The next function is chat rooms. If you are looking for a partner nearby, use the local chat rooms. For the rest, international chats will also go. Before starting a chat with your chosen partner, it is worth having a little chat with him. This way, you can find common topics and have something to talk about in an intimate setting.

Video chats. I think everything is clear here without further ado. You can use this to take the next step in your relationship. Video chat helps two people get closer, especially if everything goes well. Also, if you wish, you can make a video of yourself, which can help to gain the trust and sympathy of your partner.

Presents. If you have a good imagination and experience with creating welcome messages, then this function is for you.

Winks. To promote yourself, you can use the dedicated feature to send winks and messages to other members.

Safe mode. By enabling this feature, you can protect yourself from people with suspicious behavior who will no longer be able to write to you.

BeNaughty Registration and Profile

BeNaughty Registration and Profile

When you first visit the site, you need to register, like all others. A window will pop up for you in which you will need to fill in your data. Also here you can read the rules and tips for users to get everything from the site.

You must provide your country of residence, gender, and email address (which will need to be verified). After passing this stage of registration, you can specify additional information about your account. You can indicate your financial position, physical qualities, etc. Also, don’t forget to add your photo. It is important that you use an authentic photo, so as not to mislead people, and your profile may be blocked for inaccurate information.

Congratulations, the registration process has been completed successfully. You are now a full member of the BeNaughty website.

Sugar Daddy Profile

With the matching partner search feature, you will be able to find the profiles of many Sugar Daddy. Given that the site has a lot of active users, you can find any Sugar Daddy to your liking. In order to attract as many sugar babies as possible, they actively fill out their profiles with all the necessary information. As we have already said, people of different ages and ethnic categories are presented here, which will definitely expand your horizons.

Sugar Baby Profile

Similar to Sugar Daddy, you can find many beautiful and cuddly Sugar Baby profiles. In order for your profile to be noticed, you need to design it well and correctly fill out your profile with relevant information. If you do that, it’s only a matter of time before many Sugar Daddys appear. Here are people of different ages and ethnic categories, which will definitely expand your horizons when searching.

BeNaughty: Membership and Pricing

BeNaughty: Membership and Pricing

Let’s talk about paid and free content, what are their advantages, and is it worth paying? Let’s say right away that there is an interesting offer for new users of the site. You can buy a paid three-day version. This is beneficial because a regular subscription costs a lot more, but here the site offers new users the benefits of a paid subscription. At the end of the subscription, the user must either remain on the free version or renew the subscription at the standard rate.

You can sign up for a BeNaughty Premium Membership using the account upgrade button. Also, you should know that a monthly subscription is automatically renewed.

Full membership for men
Duration Price Total
1 Day $0.99 / Day $0.99
1 Week $1.00 / Week $1.00
1 Month $28.8 / Month $28.8
3 Months $16.2 / Month $48.6
Additional benefits for women
1 Month $26.49 / Month $26.49
Chataholic Benefits for Women
1 Month $17.92 / Month $17.92
Extra Security Benefits for Women
1 Month $12.6 / Month $12.6

Free account features

As already mentioned, the main idea of free questionnaires is to get acquainted with all the features of the site. However, this does not force you to buy the paid version, even after you have familiarised yourself with all the features.

The main disadvantage of the free version is the inability to open other profiles and view the photo album. But what is available for a free account?

  • If you are a woman, then you can send messages;
  • You can use the wink function;
  • You can add members to your favorites;
  • It is possible to see people online;
  • It is possible to see the list of new users.

This is where the features of the free account end, but they are enough to get acquainted with the site.

Premium features

Premium features

A premium account gives you limitless possibilities on the dating site BeNaughty. This is the best way to get what you want for a small amount. Additional features include:

  • You can send messages as a male
  • A new feature is opening in the app called “Looking for”
  • You can view photos of other users
  • Ability to send photos and videos to other chat participants
  • Ability to view the location of other members.

A paid subscription on the site is not expensive, and this is also one of the advantages since, in fact, it is much more expensive on other sites. Here, if you buy a subscription immediately for a long time, the price will be quite low and everyone can afford it.

Making Contact

Let’s move on to the most important thing. How do you find the right partner? Where to start and how to start communicating correctly so as not to frighten off a person? Let’s figure it out.


Start by finding the right partner. Open the search and select what you want to see in your future partner. If so, then have fun looking at different profiles. Try experimenting with search filters. In this way, you can find completely different people with whom you can start communication.

Matching Process

Choose according to your preferences. You don’t need to write to everyone if you’re not going to communicate with everyone. Start with the people you like the most. This will increase your chances of finding the right person who will meet all your requirements.


Once you have found one or more suitable people, start a chat with them. Write that you are interested in their profile for one reason or another. Be original, do not just write “hello” and that’s it, because in this case there is a high probability that you may not be answered. You can use the wink function or send a gift to interest a potential interlocutor.

BeNaughty: Safety and Privacy

BeNaughty: Safety and Privacy

The site developers are doing their best to protect their users from hacking or fraud. They regularly monitor, identify scammers and ban their accounts, but this cannot be completely eradicated. The site’s spam protection is pretty good as there are no ads or porn content. If you personally encountered scammers or noticed suspicious actions on the part of some user, then do not forget to inform the administration about this. This will improve the site and make it more friendly and open. In order to protect yourself, do not tell other people the password for your account, your card numbers, do not provide personal information, and do not pass the confirmation code from the mail to other people. These steps will help keep you safe. Report any violations to the administration if you notice any. Remember that advertising in any form, as well as posting materials for adults, is not allowed on the site in any form.

Customer Support and Moderation

If you notice suspicious activity or encounter fraud, you can contact support. The site creators have taken care of their users, so you can write to them at any time without any problems. To do this, click on the help button and explain what is happening. In addition, the site has an emergency support service if you need help right now. For all questions, you can email [email protected] or call the hotline 18007649523.

Bots and Scams

All major dating sites have bots and scammers, and in order not to become a victim of them, you should follow the rules described above. The administration is trying with all its might to fight them, but without your help, it is more difficult to do this. Report any suspicious activity to the support team. By adhering to simple rules, you can save valuable data.

Overall verdict about BeNaughty

Overall verdict about BeNaughty

Summing up, we can say that the site has a lot of advantages. However, to experience them fully, you need to purchase a paid subscription. The free version is suitable for people who just need to view profiles, as there is a limit on the number of messages that you can send to the user. Also, here you can find both a serious relationship and a relationship without any commitment. Active users are an integral part of a good dating site, which BeNaughty is. The advantage is the pleasant design of the site and great functionality, among which it is worth noting an improved search based on your preferences. Definitely worth a try, and we hope this review cleared up your last doubts.

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